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At our core, OTT Pay is all about solving problems for consumers and businesses alike. With so much dividing us these days, it’s nice to be working towards uniting people. We do this by allowing Chinese consumers to pay with the financial option that best works for them, even in Canada! This mindset and a solid work ethic have helped us become the leading FinTech smart payment solution provider connecting Canadian merchants with Chinese consumers.

OTT Pay is a subsidiary of OTT Financial Group, a diversified financial services group founded in 2006. We are also the official authorized partners of WeChat Pay and Alipay. More than a payment system & platform, we also tailor our products, services and marketing strategies to help Canadian merchants navigate the ever-growing Chinese market.

Our Culture

Most people can relate to a time in their lives where they were far from home. Maybe it was a bright city where the native language wasn’t your own, or a place that used currency you were unfamiliar with. Maybe you visited family for a summer or studied abroad. Ultimately, this is exactly the types of problems OTT Pay is trying to solve between Chinese consumers and retailers alike in Canada. Bridging the gap is not only the right thing to do, it’s something that benefits everyone involved.

Our philosophies and principles guide our internal conduct, as well as, the relationships we have with our customers, partners and shareholders.

About OTT Group

Founded in 2006, OTT Group of Companies operates multiple lines of business in the Canadian financial services industry. OTT Financial Canada Inc. is an investment dealer registered with the securities regulators in Canada and a member of IIROC and CIPF. OTT Capital Corporation is an exempt market dealer as well as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager. OTT Financial Inc. is a FINTRAC-registered money services business also authorized by the AMF, which offers foreign exchange services. OTT Pay Inc. is a smart payment platform connecting Canadian merchants to Chinese consumers. To know more about OTT Group, please visit: ott.ca

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